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Highly diversified productgs, emphasis on quality control

"Quality Control" Info Sheet

Our highly diversified product line requires a heavy emphasis on Quality Control to assure customers the highest quality product possible.

Water dispersible products (premixes and supplements used in milk replacers or drinking water) require very rigid Quality Control procedures and methods. Special knowledge and skills are required to select and procure proper raw materials, as well as, to insure that the finished product meets the customer's specific demands.

Animix is known by its customers as a very responsive and reliable supplier of consistent high quality products.

Quality Control begins with quality ingredients. All incoming ingredients and sources must be approved by Quality Control prior to purchasing. Each ingredient is tested upon delivery to qualify for use in production. Every batch of the finished product undergoes very rigid testing procedures,

In addition to our testing, we work with independent outside laboratories for additional testing or confirmation of our tests.

Providing consistent high quality product and service to our customers is attributed to all employees of Animix who participate in our recognition of Quality Achievement Program.

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